Mastering or Learning about the Meanings of Crystal Pendulums will help Heal and balance the body, mind, and spirit- and so much more.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic) Trained and Certified coaches have many practical tools to break free from self-doubt and help unleash your full potential toward boundless opportunities!

Making use of Pendulums is an amazing tool to increase the connection with yourself whether coaching or being coached.  I came to experience pendulums first-hand during my NLP training - and felt more control over a back injury I had been challenged with for years. I tapped into what was really going on inside and receiving a quick yes in respnse to a question helped me tap into the trauma and blame I had been holding onto.  Helping me first with my own emotional blockages has given me the ability and capacity to help many folks realize the vibrational power natural crystals and gemstones can provide; Pendulum work not only helps emotional blockages but can stimulate creativity, and elevate moods.